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54 Convertible 9/17/2020
In Command
Viking reaffirms its domination of the mid-size convertible with the new Viking 54.

Following our mantra to build a better boat every day, Viking has consistently brought new and exciting yachts to you for 56 years. With multiple generations in various size ranges, our commitment to our customers and level of expertise shine through with every new model.

That proficiency is particularly strong in the 50-to-60-foot sportfish boat genre, where Viking has introduced 10 models in the past two decades. This legacy fleet consists of more than 600 Vikings and includes ground-breaking models such as the 60 and 55, two renditions of the 52 Convertible and the first-generation 54.

“No one has done a better job in this segment of the market,” says Viking President and CEO Pat Healey. “Over the last 20 years, we've designed more boats from 50 to 60 feet than any other manufacturer in the industry. This is absolutely our sweet spot.”

Now, the New Jersey boatbuilder reaffirms its domination of the mid-size convertible with the new Viking 54. The three-stateroom, two-head open bridge yacht pushes the owner/operator convertible to the highest levels of engineering, performance, accommodations and sportfishing capabilities. The Viking 54 Convertible will make its world premiere at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show Oct. 28 through November 1.
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The Invitational 8/28/2020
The Viking 80 CE took home The Invitational with a 698.4-pound blue marlin, earning the team more than a half a million dollars in this inaugural event held out of The Wharf Marina in Orange Beach, Alabama. "It's the largest 'Winner-Take-All' prize in Gulf of Mexico tournament history," says Tournament Director Jim Cox. "The tournament was created to offer a huge payout for the winning fish, while offering teams the best odds to collect the big payday." With a 112-inch blue marlin minimum, the only other boat that weighed a fish was the Viking 72 Breathe Easy, which brought a 484.2-pound blue marlin to the scales. "Both fish were donated to feed the less fortunate," said Jim.  

92 Benchmark 6/25/2020
Our 92 Convertible is a benchmark boat for Viking and the entire marine industry, setting the standard for a large world-traveling sportfishing yacht that also excels as a tournament sportfisher. Hull No. 20, a Snow White Sky Bridge model with a satin walnut interior, will be on display at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show this fall.  

Evolution of Design 8/28/2020
Viking leads the industry in every facet of yacht manufacturing, and it all starts at the design stage where Viking’s Design and Engineering Department pushes the boundaries of naval architecture while incorporating 56 years of experience and expertise. Creating new innovative models for our customers illustrates our commitment to "Lead Not Follow," a key component of the Viking Difference.

The evolution of the design process now includes Viking’s use of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software from the company Orca3D, which allows us to conduct "virtual tank tests." In-house CFD software gives our Design and Engineering team the ability to run numerous virtual trials for each of our new models to optimize their running surfaces for better performance.

“I’ve been here for 33 years, and the one thing that always impresses me is the advancement of the tools we use to design boats,” adds David Wilson, Viking’s Design Manager. “We started with drafting tables and lofting boards, and then moved into computer-aided design. Now with CFD we’re taking it to the next level.”

Previously, the design protocol called for building 1/12th-scale tank test models (created from Viking 3D Computer-Aided Design) and analyzing their hydrodynamics in a test tank at the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey. A separate model would be created for each variation in deadrise or hull shape. “We’d build several of these models here at Viking and then drive up to Stevens for a week of testing,” says naval architect Joe Snodgrass. “It’s an excellent facility and is a very effective way to test your designs, but with CFD we are saving time and expenses and we’re able to easily create and test multiple design variations in-house. It gives us greater freedom and flexibility when creating designs for new boats and the ability to promptly fine-tune existing yachts in our fleet.”

The scope of the data collected through physical tank testing can be duplicated – and even expanded upon – with virtual tank testing using the CFD software. Both real and virtual tank testing make it possible to measure the total resistance, effective horsepower, heave (vertical rise of the center of gravity) and trim angle. But the CFD program can also analyze the pressure distribution across the bottom of the boat. “We can actually look at the shapes and see where we can make changes to the deadrise or to the chine distribution or to the strakes to increase efficiency,” says Joe. “We can make adjustments to the hull shape or the shape of the appendages, such as bow thrusters, hull tunnels and intakes. This ability to analyze pressure is a valuable additional tool.”

Viking’s use of the Computational Fluid Dynamics software for new yacht models began with the 58 Convertible and has been used to design the 38 Billfish, 38 Open Billfish and 46 Billfish. Viking has invested in a powerful computer that can complete CFD simulations in under eight hours. “CFD analysis is now an integral part of the design process,” says Lonni Rutt, Vice President of Design and Engineering. “It really allows you to define what works and what doesn’t work. Once you eliminate what doesn’t work, you can focus on the changes that are yielding the most positive results.”

The Orca3D program allows the Design and Engineering Department to schedule several virtual tank test simulations to run one after the other over the course of a weekend or several days. The tests on a particular hull can be done using different displacements, center of gravity positions and speeds. “The machine is always ‘cooking’ because we are constantly developing new product,” says Joe. “It’s pretty much running all the time. I’m constantly hitting the go button.”

CFD has other capabilities that Viking intends to utilize, such as analyzing aerodynamics to streamline a yacht’s topside structures for decreased wind resistance. “We can also run our current and legacy fleet through the CFD software so that when we design a new yacht similar in size to a pre-existing model we have comparable data,” says Joe.

The transition to CFD analysis marked the beginning of another chapter in Viking’s long-time relationship with the founders of the Annapolis, Maryland-based Orca3D – Larry Leibman, Bruce Hays and George Hazen. Their Orca3D Marine CFD system is comprised of their naval architectural software and SimericsMP CFD software. “We’ve customized Simerics’ CFD software for marine applications,” says Bruce Hays. “Viking was one of the first yacht companies to fully embrace CFD analysis as an in-house tool.”

Bruce and George first worked with Viking back in the mid-1980s when David’s father, Bruce Wilson, utilized the duo’s first software product called FastYacht. The relationship remained strong over the years, and Viking was quick to jump on the opportunity to work with Bruce and George – as well as Larry, who joined the group in 1994 – once again. Viking has provided Orca3D with highly valuable benchmark data (both model-size and full-scale testing) to “help validate their approach to the software and work with Simerics to fine-tune the marine template for CFD,” says Bruce. “Joe and Dave have given useful feedback on the user interface of the program, also, so this relationship continues to be a win-win.”

1st Time's A Charm 7/30/2020
With barely a chance to settle into her new slip, the Viking 80 Krazy Salt’s won the Yacht Club of Stone Harbor Marlin Tournament. Having just taken delivery of the boat days earlier, the team on the Anderson family’s boat released six white marlin for the win. Keith Greenberg, at the helm of Krazy Salt’s, claimed the Walt Hendee Captain’s Award. Third Place Boat went to the Viking 56 Insure with five white marlin.  

Auspicious Takes the Crown 7/30/2020
The newest Bermuda Triple Crown Billfish champ is Joe Rahman’s Viking 80 Auspicious. Joe and his team fished nine days during three tournaments which include the Billfish Blast, Big Game Classic and Sea Horse Anglers Club tournaments.

Auspicious started strong placing second in the Billfish Blast with three blue marlin releases. They followed up by dominating the Big Game Classic with four blues to win the tournament and lead the Triple Crown.

The Sea Horse tournament was competitive with challengers eating into their lead. But Auspicious put five blue marlin on the board for a 2nd Place finish. This sealed the Triple Crown series win for the team.

Congratulations to Joe, Captain Edward “Cookie” Murray, mate Carl Copeland and teammates Kevin Stafford, Lynda Murray, Amy Laird and David Soares.

The Next Chapter 7/30/2020
Building on the overwhelming success of the V Series high-performance luxury center consoles, the Viking Yacht Company has begun the next chapter in the evolution of Valhalla Boatworks – the V-46.

Viking announced the creation of Valhalla Boatworks (VBW) in February 2019, and introduced the first three models – the V-33, V-37 and V-41 – simultaneously only eight months later in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The trio set new standards in performance, fishability, engineering and build quality, along with personalization opportunities never seen before in this genre.

“We’ve established Valhalla Boatworks as a dominating force in the center console market,” says Viking President and CEO Pat Healey. “The response has truly been tremendous as we approach 70 Valhallas delivered in our first year of production.”

The Valhalla 46 takes the V Series to an entirely new level, broadening its appeal through additional accommodations and amenities while maintaining its fishing boat DNA. “We never stop innovating, fine-tuning and staying out in front of the needs of our owners and the marine industry,” says Pat. “The V-46 is a result of that commitment.”

Magic Carpentry Ride 8/28/2020
More than 90 percent of every Viking is built in-house, so each shipwright in the multiple stages of the build process carries out an integral job. The result is a turnkey-ready, industry-leading yacht.

A dramatic transformation takes place in the Carpentry Department, which includes a total of 58 carpenters, installers and general shipwrights. “It’s like night and day,” says Chris Abbott, Foreman of Finish Carpentry. “The boat comes to us as a hull, but leaves looking very much like a yacht, with all of its major pieces in place. It’s pretty amazing.”

The hull and its structural framework (a stringer-and-bulkhead grid resembling an egg crate) are built in our Fiberglass Department, also called Viglass. Besides the fuel, water and holding tanks, the hull is relatively empty when it moves from Viglass into the mechanical, electrical and carpentry phases.

Carpentry is responsible for assembling and installing the interior components – all of the parts and units needed to create the staterooms, crew quarters, heads, salons, galleys, pantries, enclosed bridges and other areas. The department is also charged with transporting the units into the boat and prepping the various installation areas.

In Rough Carpentry, the layout of the interior begins to take shape. First, the floors are secured in place by tabbing them to the hull with fiberglass and resin. Meanwhile, outside of the boat in Rough Carpentry Assembly, a designated team puts together the larger living configurations for the staterooms, heads, pantries, staircases and companionways. Rough Carpentry shipwrights then use overhead electric hoists to “fly” these structures into the boat and secure them. They also transport into the boat the major pieces of furniture for the lower deck (bunks, hanging lockers and credenzas) and main deck accommodations like entertainment centers, lower galley cabinetry and day heads.

“Rough Carpentry is handling all of the units that are too large to be brought into the boat after the deckhouse is installed,” says Carpentry Supervisor Dave Deverter, a 36-year Viking veteran. Rough Carpentry installers are also responsible for flying and securing the deckhouse, the cockpit liner and the coaming (with its integral transom box) to the hull. Experienced shipwrights like Berildo Meza, who has been building a better boat every day for 21 years, secure the coaming and deckhouse to the hull using adhesive and mechanical through-bolts every three inches. They also fiberglass the joint from the inside. “Preparing the hull and the parts to be installed is very important,” says Berildo. “You must have patience and get things right the first time.”

With the large interior components in place, the boat moves forward to Finish Carpentry. Carpenters build the framework for the interior headliners and hull sealers throughout the boat, along with soffits, light blocks and hatch and speaker rings among other things. Cabinets and shelves are installed; doors are hung; tray ceilings go up; and mirrored ceilings, shower doors, baseboards, dinette units and appliances are set into place. Other work includes installing subflooring that will accept the carpeting and custom flooring. Carpentry also installs all of the molding for bunks and shelves.

At Viking Mullica, where the Valhalla Boatworks V Series center consoles are built, the Rough Carpentry team installs the fish boxes, deck liner, deck ring, anchor locker (with shelf and tube) and various hardware pieces such as rod holders, hawse pipes and fuel fills.

Coordination and communication with Viking’s other departments is crucial, with Carpentry shipwrights oftentimes working in unison with Rough Mechanical and Rough Electrical technicians and installers. For example, Carpentry will only install the headliners after Rough Electrical has run all the wires throughout the boat for various systems, lights and appliances.

When viewed from the catwalks between the manufacturing lines, the workflow in Carpentry is an exercise in focus and organization. “Each shipwright knows exactly what needs to be done,” says Dave. “It may seem overwhelming to an outsider, but we have such a great amount of collective experience it’s like a well-oiled machine.”

While the yachts are close to completion as they leave Carpentry, there’s still a great amount of work to be done. Before the boats head to the Make Ready Dock, they go through the Finish Electrical, Plumbing and Exterior and Interior Trim stages.

The Tag Team 6/25/2020
The Tag Team, a Viking 58, dialed in the weather for a perfect delivery day. Dressed in a custom metallic Palma Blue hull, the boat is heading to the Viking Yacht Service Center in Florida for a little TLC before boarding a ship to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Her repeat Viking owner plans to spend plenty of time fishing the legendary waters of Baja.  

Three-Peat 6/25/2020
Summer is here – and a number of owners of new Vikings have happily begun their fishing and cruising adventures. Frank and Tami Mazza took delivery last week of Tami Ann, their Stars and Stripes Blue 72 Convertible. The Viking Marketing team caught up with the couple in Atlantic City as they provisioned and prepared their four-stateroom beauty for the run to its summer home in Point Judith, Rhode Island.

“We picked a sporty day, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before, and I know the boat will be great,” said an eager-to-get-underway Frank, who will use the 72 to fish for giant bluefin, marlin and swordfish. “We go out to the canyons all the time. I’m really looking forward to experiencing the speed, size and comfort of this boat.”

Frank and Tami previously owned a Viking 62 and a 55. Before those two new convertibles, the couple had pre-owned 43 and 55 Vikings. The latter was actually the legendary Viking 55 Fishinhoff, which they bought from the late John Vidinghoff. “The Mazzas are great people who really enjoy their boat and time on the water,” says Viking Vice President of Sales Mark Waldron, project manager for all three builds. “We’re lucky to have had them in the Viking family for so long.”

Frank is very much a hands-on owner who enjoys running the boat. He outfitted Tami Ann with the latest innovations in ship systems and fishfinding technology, such as Furuno’s real-time 360-degree sonar. The yacht’s Atlantic Marine Electronics package includes a custom pull-out box for the sonar’s controller on the flybridge. “It's going to be a huge benefit for us,” says Frank. “From what everyone's saying, it’s unbelievable.” He’s also pumped about the new ElectroSea CLEARLINE cleaning technology for the boat’s seawater plumbing systems. “Anything that cuts down on maintenance is a good thing, and I hand it to Viking for offering this product.”

The Mazzas decorated the yacht with artwork that reflects their connection to the Ocean State. “The interior designer was wonderful,” said Tami, referring to the award-winning WBC Design. “Among many other things, we picked all of our own artwork and accessories and really personalized the boat.” Tami is also enamored with the galley and its abundance of storage that’s easily accessed.

“It’s been a pleasure building all of our Vikings,” says Frank. “It’s always an easy, seamless process where they accommodate us every step of the way.”

For more information about the Viking 72 or any of our yachts from 33 to 93 feet we cordially invite you to contact your authorized Viking dealer. Enjoy the summer!

80 Demo 8/28/2020
Viking has led the world for 25 years in the design, engineering and production of large sportfishing yachts, and the 80 and 92 Convertibles have proven that Vikings of this size can win on the tournament circuit. To that point, an 80 Convertible will serve as the Viking demonstrator boat this summer. Sporting a Palm Beach Towers tuna tower, stunning faux teak from bow to transom, the latest fishfinding technology and powerful 2635MHP MTUs, the 40-knot Snow White Viking 80 is an absolute beast, ready to tear through the East Coast tournament schedule.

Wow, right? The Viking 80’s faux teak bulkhead and mezzanine have been the talk of the docks since her launch. The painted teak also covers the haunches and artfully extends along the wings of the flybridge overhang. The mezzanine seating is something special, too, featuring Ultraleather Outdoor upholstery with Bentley stitching and a drink bolster with an embroidered Viking serpent. Cruisair Cool Breeze air conditioning distributes a refreshing zephyr through a row of recessed overhead vents behind a valance (also with a teak finish). The 22” Garmin GPSMAP that’s recessed in the port haunch gives anglers at-a-glance water depth, temperature and other data, while the Fusion stereo and JL Audio speakers keep the beat going.

One Fish, Two Wins 6/25/2020
Angler Nick Pratt just needed 80 minutes to land the winning blue marlin at the Mississippi Gulf Coast Blue Marlin Classic. Nick, fishing on the Viking 72 It Just Takes Time, weighed a 570.2-pound fish that also awarded his boat Top Crew.

Fished simultaneously with the Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic, the Louisiana Gulf Coast Billfish Classic saw It Just Takes Time’s Nick Pratt on the top of the leaderboard again. His 570.2-pound, 112” blue topped the Heaviest Blue Marlin category for a second time in the same weekend.

Leaving The Nest 5/29/2020
The 24th hull of the Viking 68 series splashed. This enclosed bridge model left the building, and after receiving her custom tower from Palm Beach Towers, took a Travelift ride down to the make-ready docks where she was fueled up. After a dip into the basin she was pulled over to Dock 2 via ropes and Viking manpower where she settled. The team is starting up each system individually to ensure they are functioning properly. Examining the systems one at a time isolates any malfunction and eases trouble shooting. From salon air conditioning to generators to the Seakeeper, everything is checked under meticulous eyes.

Next up a full team will head out for a comprehensive three-hour shake-down sea trial. A crew comprised of an electrician, dock mechanics, a Foley Cat technician and a host of others will check all systems and controls while operating in a real-time environment. Then adventure awaits.

Double Take 4/23/2020
Double take! Check out these perfect pairs of Viking Yachts and Valhalla Boatworks V-Series vessels. These power couples are: Krazy Salt’s 72 & 37, SeaFlame 62 & 33 and the 68 Lisa G with her 33 Ari G.  

Marlin Madness 5/18/2020
Congratulations to the Viking 92 Fa La Me on their International bracket win in Marlin Madness. Now it's time for the Final Four! Help them advance to the championship game by voting here. Marlin Magazine's spin on the NCAA basketball tournament has been a wild dance, but we're predicting Frank and Mary Ellen Rodriguez and their Fa La Me will survive and advance. Don't forget to vote today!  



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